Blacksmith3D version 6

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Easily import and export OBJ files from or to any 3d software that supports OBJs. Blacksmith3D is often compared to Zbrush, but it’s a fraction of the price. It gives 3D artists superior high resolution “what you see is what you get” 3D texture painting and 3D morphing tools. Immediately detect resolution or UV issues as you paint and morph.

“For both pros and students, I highly recommend this package. It was simple and intuitive to use Blacksmith3D with no complex hoop-jumping to load and save models or to load and save images. It just worked! Many of these hidden gems do incredible work, but at a fraction of the cost of their brand-name counterparts! This is one of those hidden gems.” – Timothy Albee, veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation

"… In all honesty, I used to use [another software] for texturing as well as modeling, but when I got my hands on Blacksmith-Paint I never looked back, your tuts are fantastic and the interface is very easy to understand so I am happy to praise the software all I can. – Amy G. Florida, USA

…the sheer awesomeness of Blacksmith3D is hard to describe. I used to get all shaken and stressed with having to deal with seams…now? Pfft…I don’t even worry about them. I can precisely place tattoos and other details across seams without breaking a sweat. It’s the second tool I reach for when I’m starting to build a skin, right after Photoshop which is where I lay the base down. – Laura Haskell

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More about this Software

Blacksmith3D is a painting, morphing, and detailing application designed to provide artists and studios with easy to learn tools that generate high-end realistic visual results. Blacksmith3D provides artists with tools for seamless 3D painting, complex compositions, and precise detailing so they have the freedom to focus in creating really great art!

The software was created in such way that it easily fits into an existing pipeline by supporting .obj files for imports and exports. In the latest version, the Projection Painting tool has been added that enables simple integration with your existing favorite 2D painting application with only a few clicks. Simply capture a specific angle of your model in Blacksmith3D – make adjustments in any 2D painting applications, then instantly paint the changes back into Blacksmith3D, even across UV seams and material/map boundaries.

With Blacksmith3D Version 6 – even greater depth and detail can be achieved via virtually unlimited resolution painting and high resolution displacement and bump map painting. These tools are only limited by your system’s RAM and not by your GPU RAM. These new additions allow for HD textures where you can really zoom in and achieve precision detail. With high resolution displacement maps you can paint across seams and see your results in real time. Adjust strength and direction as you paint, and preview immediately to see the results. After every brush stroke, what you see is what you get. Easily output the maps instantly to integrate with your rendering application as often as you like.


* Easy to learn and use.

* Create immensely high resolution and detailed textures with 64 bit support.

* Streamlines production, simple software integration.

* Designed to optimize workflow.

* Affordable for large and small studios.

* Professional, high-end visual results.

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