New Beta for Version 6

There is now a Windows Beta release, v6.0.5.0 for Blacksmith3D. Please note that there are a couple of minor issues in this beta that we are currently working on, so please only download and install if you are willing to help us test and look for undiscovered bugs. We greatly appreciate the help of our dedicated users who have already played around with this beta (and beta and reported issues to us. This beta version includes a Filmbox (FBX) file format import/export, along with a fairly massive cleanup of our back-end code. Although the code cleanup should not have an impact on how our software operates, it does have the potential to have caused issues or expose others that were hiding.

The FBX option helps to make Blacksmith3D a more valuable tool for 3D artists using 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, Blender or even gaming software like Unity3D. The new support of the FBX file format will import/export all material channels (color, bump, etc.) and morph targets. It even has the ability to preserve rigging. However, there currently is not a way to preserve the displacement map strength, and we are still working on the different scaling between other software programs.

For most PoserPro 2014 users, exporting an FBX from Poser for use in Blacksmith3D will probably be better than the previous way of exporting CR2 files. Many will likely see it as the preferred method because it is better at preserving all of the different texture types and users can selectively export only the morph targets needed for changing in the B3D project.

The beta update can be download from one of the following links. The beta is the same as the trial version, and the save and export features are unlocked when you register (under the help menu).

Please note that the save and export features do not work on the trial version (same as an unregistered version). Should you decide to buy, your license key will convert your trial into the full version without having to download any additional software.

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