Update v1.0.2.7

The following changes have been made in v1.0.2.7

New Features

  • Projection Brush now sets up a Fixed Plane, instead of a Viewport Plane, so you can navigate or resize the viewport without risking the reloaded snapshot becoming out of sync.

Performance Enhancements

  • By utilizing intelligent frame skipping, we now avoid “lag” that was occurring while painting.

Bug fixes, Tweaks

  • Hotkeys will no longer trigger while the mouse button is pressed down in the viewport.
  • Hotkeys that select tools ( or tool presets ) will no longer force show the menu.
  • Removed semi-transparent menu option since it was not working properly on some Windows XP systems.
  • Tweaked interface text spacing to account for Windows XP fonts, and general interface tidying
  • Fixed issue with holding ALT key while clicking on some interface elements (e.g. Brush Image or Brush Shape icons )
  • Fixed issue with application loosing focus in some cases when the menu is closed.