Blacksmith3D-v5 is now available for Windows and OS X! All new purchase include a free license for Blacksmith3D-Suite v4 to help new users transition.

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Compare Blacksmith3D-Standard vs. Blacksmith3D-Pro


Texture Transformer is FREE with Blacksmith3D-Pro or Standard, or it can be bought as a stand-alone package


Product Price


Includes Most Features

Texture Transformer included!

Limit of three layers and presets per catagory

Limited Viewport configurations

Texture resolution capped at 4096×4096

All painting and morphing tools included!

Blacksmith3D-Standard Reg. $54.97 On Sale 45% OFF at $74.96 Includes a FREE license for Blacksmith3D-Suite v4


Includes all features

Texture Transformer included!

Blacksmith3D-Pro Reg. $199.95 On Sale 50% OFF at $99.97 Includes a FREE license for Blacksmith3D-Suite v4


from a Blacksmith3D Product you currently license

Suite v4, Paint v4, Morph v4

Suite v3, Paint v3, Morph v3


Blacksmith3D-Pro Reg. $99.95 On Sale 40% OFF at $59.97 

Texture Transformer

Stand-Alone Package

Texture Transformer Reg. $49.98 On Sale 50% OFF at $24.99